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Bring Your Whole Brain

We are a remote/virtual team of nonprofit-focused Drupalists who approach technical challenges with our whole brains, using our experience to solve problems with the big picture in mind. Does this sound like you, too? We are looking for a back-end Drupal developer/devops person who would be interested in a 4-6 month contract for 20 hours/week. At this time, we are only able to work with people located in North American timezones who have at least some 9a-5pm ET availability.

Back-end and Devops Skills

We need people who are good at server-side and back-end Drupal tasks such as: 

  • initial site installs,
  • Git management,
  • Drush setup and use,
  • troubleshooting caching and performance issues, 
  • module troubleshooting and patching,
  • build planning and problem-solving,
  • advanced site building (i.e. knowledge of fields and data types, Views config, etc.).

Communicate Like It's Your Job

Formal training or a CS degree are not at all required. The right person needs to have a demonstrated track record with the aforementioned development tasks, at least some availability during the 9a-5p ET work day, a sense of humor, an understanding of the flexibility that nonprofit web projects often require, and really good communication skills. We are primarily looking for someone who's available for a 4-6 month, 20-hour/week contract. 

Please feel free to pass this link on if you know someone who might be interested. 


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