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Presentation from Design 4 Drupal Boston 2014

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Johanna and I just came back from Design4Drupal 2014 at the MIT Stata Center. I’ve been going to this Drupal Camp for several years, but this year certainly had the most informative and well-rounded set of sessions. I particularly enjoyed Steve Fisher’s (@hellofisher) keynote with takeaways like: “Good user experience is connecting the head and the heart” and “Silos are for farming, not web design”. 

We also had a great time presenting with Pixels & Pulp on the topic: “Responsive Web Design on a Budget, WTF”. It was great to hear from the audience on how others manage projects with tight timeframes and budgets. If you missed it, the slides are up here.

Summer is winding down but we are still super busy. We hope to see many of you at the NERDS Summit in September. 

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