Our Work

The Journalist's Resource

The Journalist's Resource homepage on desktop and phone

The Journalist's Resource was ready to publish more frequently and develop new types of articles, and they wanted an updated look for their site and brand.  DevCollab led the JR editorial team through workshops to develop simpler navigation, worked with Kayla Jones to create an updated brand and logo, and built out the new brand into a complete web design in a fresh WordPress site.

The Media Manipulation Casebook

"The Media Manipulation Casebook is a digital research platform linking together theory, methods, and practice for mapping media manipulation and disinformation campaigns"

We partnered with the Harvard Kennedy Shorenstein Center TaSC team to create this Drupal 8 website, a searchable database of their unique research on detecting, documenting, and debunking media manipulation and disinformation campaigns. 

Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies

Article headline: "Russia’s Health Care System, Demographics Present Unique Advantages, Disadvantages in Fighting COVID-19" next to photo of Russian nesting dolls with handmade tiny pandemic facemasks on their faces

The Harvard University Davis Center has an invaluable archive of beautiful images, along with cutting-edge scholarship on the Russian and Eurasian regions, but it had an outdated, fixed-width site. We partnered with Davis to build a new Drupal 8 site with a modern, mobile-friendly design, and created flexible components for their "Insight" content type to show off their rich content and imagery.

Crushing the Curve

Text says "Take care of yourself" next to image of person of Asian descent with purple hair and a black face mask

Crushing the Curve is a California-based campaign that helps young adults stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, with a focus on mental health. The DevCollab team built this WordPress site in rapid response to the crisis. The site was designed via an in-browser process, with modifications made to a premium theme based on initial branding by Kayla Jones. The design is periodically updated based on ongoing youth feedback.

Essential Partners

Homepage of Essential Partners, close up of woman's face in conversation around a table, text overlay says "Build a community strengthened by differences, connected by trust."

Essential Partners initially had funding to rebuild one section of their website. Their visual brand elements were strong, but they wanted to update and modernize their overall design. Our team worked with them to produce a modern web design in line with their existing brand, and relaunched their new site section in Drupal 8. Later, we moved the rest of their site into Drupal 8, extending the design to all of their content. 


We are community foundations leading change Now more than ever, community foundations need to lead change that builds strong, resilient communities where all people can participate and prosper.

Community Foundations Leading Change worked with Big Duck on a new brand strategy and messaging. Elise Weeks then extended that strategy into a visual brand, and a web design for a brand new WordPress website.

Bay Area Legal Services

Smiling woman holding a toddler, text reads "Justice looks like... Assisting hundreds of domestic violence survivors to obtain injunctions, child custody, support, and alimony."

Bay Area Legal Services wanted an accessible, mobile-friendly site that prioritized their clients in need. This Drupal 8 site features self-help resources for clients, resources for their donors and volunteers, and success stories for everyone. 

New England Quakers

Attend an event page, with photo background of Quakers sitting in a meeting for worship

We helped New England Yearly Meeting move to Drupal 8, reducing their content, and modernizing their messaging and design in the process. When Friends want to find a meeting, attend a youth retreat, or see a list of regional events, they can now find these things easily. 

Silent Spring Institute

Silent Spring homepage, photo of woman in lab coat looking into a microscope, text reads "Silent Spring Institute is a mission-driven scientific research organization dedicated to uncovering the environmental causes of breast cancer"

Silent Spring Institute is a mission-driven scientific research organization dedicated to uncovering the environmental causes of breast cancer. SSI's content is a mix of complex scientific research and consumer-friendly information. The DevCollab team helped SSI organize their content during a discovery and content strategy phase. Design included a mobile-friendly, responsive site and the creation of new infographics. Their new site is built in Drupal 8.

Right Sharing of World Resources

RSWR homepage shows a diagram showing that women apply for grants, the board selects recipients funded by donors, groups then loan money to individual women to run microbusinesses, those women pay back their loans, group then uses repaid loans to make more loans

RSWR gives grants to groups of marginalized women in Kenya, Sierra Leone, and India to fund individual micro-enterprise projects. Their small, distributed organization had an outdated site that had grown organically. It was hard for potential grantees and donors to understand what the organization did. The DevCollab team worked with RSWR to create clearer information architecture, visual brand, and a mobile-friendly web design. 

Cannabis Decoded

Screen shot Cannabis Decoded site, teen sitting on cement graffiti wall, text says (excerpt) "when I was getting high I thought I was having a good time...I was actually missing out on a lot,"

San Mateo County in California needed a website to help youth understand the risks of cannabis use, without sounding like it was talking down to them. We worked with The Social Changery to create an inclusive, accessible, and mobile-friendly site in Drupal 8. Kayla Jones created the distinctive visual brand for the site, and our design director Elise collaborated with Kayla to translate it into a website design.

The Establishment

Screen shot of The Establishment's homepage, featuring a photo of a Black Lives matter sign lying on a sidewalk

The Establishment, which had moved to Medium.com, wanted to move back to an open source site in budget-friendly phases. We re-launched The Establishment in WordPress in 2018. When they ceased operations in 2019, we helped them convert their WordPress site into a static HTML archive that will live on into the future. 

Health Equity International

Saint Boniface Haiti Foundation homepage screen shot

Health Equity International, formerly the Saint Boniface Haiti Foundation, provides on-the-ground, essential health services to the most vulnerable residents of southern Haiti. Their old website wasn’t mobile-friendly, made little use of their gorgeous photography, and was outdated and difficult to use. DevCollaborative worked with them to produce a modern, mobile-friendly responsive Drupal site that highlights their images. We also built them a mix-and-match component system to help their content authors tell stories on their site. In 2019, we helped them update their site when they rebranded as HEI. 

The Actors Fund

The Actors Fund homepage screen shot

Founded in 1882, The Actors Fund is a national human services organization. Services include emergency financial assistance, affordable housing, healthcare and insurance counseling, senior care, and more. DevCollaborative developed a Drupal 7 site for them that serves as a resource portal for clients in need.

What Works in Youth HIV

What Works in Youth HIV homepage screen shot

The What Works in Youth HIV website was produced The Adolescent HIV/AIDS Prevention National Resource Center which operates out of Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Adolescent Health (OAH). The Drupal website uses a component-driven model to present emerging and evidence-based practices and resources to help those who work with youth to prevent HIV/AIDS. The site was produced in partnership with Threespot.

Legal Services of Northern California

Legal Services of Northern California homepage screen shot

Legal Services of Northern California’s old site was a cluttered tangle of resources for lawyers. Our team helped LSNC re-imagine its site as a resource for their clients in need. Their mobile and tablet web traffic increased 35% shortly after launch.