About Us

We believe in building websites that can be used by everyone. Let's work together to create a site that's easy for your organization to manage.


DevCollab Team


Erin Fogel

Co-founder & Principal

Erin is co-founder of DevCollaborative, and has been consulting to nonprofits and public sector organizations since 2000. As a project manager she prides herself in organizing the project details and making sure that every decision moves the project closer to our shared goals. Erin received her MBA from Babson College and her B.A. from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec.  

Johanna Bates

Co-founder & Principal

Co-founder of DevCollab, Johanna began her formal tech career at WGBH Boston in 2000. In her front-end development work, she prioritizes web accessibility and mobile-first progressive enhancement. She is a longtime volunteer community leader for NTEN.org, and is co-organizer of the annual DrupalCon North America Nonprofit Summit. You can find her on Twitter @hanabel.    

Web Development

Jeff Hipp

Drupal Development Lead

Jeff spent three years as a Drupal developer for the Quaker organization New England Yearly Meeting, and has been building Drupal 7 and 8 sites with DevCollab since 2016. Skilled in both back- and front-end development, Jeff has a knack for thinking strategically, centering solutions on the needs of organizations' internal staff and website audiences.  

Steven DuBois

Support Dispatcher & Developer

Steven oversees support for all of the Drupal sites that we support. If you have a problem, he’ll help you find a solution! Steven’s been building websites for higher education and non-profit clients since 2014. He holds a B.S. in Applied Arts and Sciences from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Clare Parkinson

WordPress Development Lead

Clare has been working with WordPress since 2010. Her specialty is the WordPress backend: getting all the parts to play nicely together so the user experience is as simple as possible. She is a co-organizer for WordPress Naperville Meetup in Chicago’s western suburbs.  

Jean Tang

Senior Drupal Developer

Jean is a back-end developer and web architect with enterprise-level Drupal experience. She has a passion for providing creative solutions for complex business issues, and enjoys guiding clients through mapping requirements. Prior to becoming a web developer, Jean worked for Oracle Professional Services as a senior consultant.    

Scott Birdsey

Front-end Developer

Scott has a background in building complex front-end design systems in Drupal and WordPress. He enjoys being the “glue” that brings strategy, design, and development efforts together. Scott has worked on projects for EYP Architecture & Engineering, San Mateo County California, and Mitsubishi Electric.   

Technical Project Management, Content Strategy, & UX

Clayton Dewey smiling at camera, wearing a purple vest

Clayton Dewey

Technical Product Owner

Clayton has been working in nonprofit technology and web development since 2011. He applies his background in linguistics and sociology to ensure websites meet users' needs. Aside from content strategy and user experience design, Clayton also enjoys being a goofy dad and always appreciates a good paraprosdokian.

patrice embry, with thick black glasses, pink-purplish hair, looking at camera

Patrice Embry

Digital Project Manager

Patrice is a professional digital project manager who's been managing projects and teams for 20 years. Patrice's approach is to understand the end goal of a project, and to figure out the best, most efficient, and smartest way to get there. She leads teams with humor and empathy, prioritizes clear communication, and improves processes wherever she can along the way.

Eileen Webb

Content Strategist

Eileen is a content strategist who loves taking a big ol’ mess of content and turning it into something structured, sensible and flexible. She speaks frequently at industry conferences, and recent projects include Marriott Hotels, Silent Spring Institute, The Actors Fund, NYU Langone, Johnson & Johnson, Center on Addiction, and the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.  

Website & Brand Design

Elise Weeks

Design Director

Elise has over a decade of experience in branding, marketing, and website design. She is passionate about creating powerful, approachable visual design systems that fit within the larger strategic aims of an organization. Recent web design clients include The Climate Group, The Actors Fund, Legal Services of Northern California, and Silent Spring Institute.  

Stacy Kvernmo

Web Design & Front-end Development

Stacy Kvernmo is a user experience designer and user interface developer. Stacy creates accessible and maintainable design systems and writes front-end code, applying consistent visual and code patterns throughout the project. Stacy is enthusiastic about teaching and speaking at design and front-end development conferences.

Sean Jones

Web Design & Front-end Development

Sean has worked in the design realm for over 25 years, and has been focused on web design and development since 2004. He enjoys putting together clean, accessible designs and code with a focus on usability. Sean’s recent projects include Political Research Associates, The Learning Partnership, Unitus Ventures, Healthier Washington, Fisheries Improvement Project and CTSNet.