Information Architecture

Information Architecture produces the blueprints of a site, and is an essential foundation for information, UX, and visual design. 

When a website looks good on the outside but is a tangled mess under the hood, it affects your organization and audiences in myriad ways: poor structure and inconsistency hinder SEO and accessibility; the site will likely degrade over time, become more buggy and costly to manage, and staff editors will be less able to keep content fresh and clear. 

We have years of experience designing clean, scalable information systems that translate to easy-to-use, robust, and reliable  websites.

Information Architecture deliverables can include: 

  • Sitemap
  • Wireframes
  • Content Models
  • Technical Specifications
  • Content Migration Plans
  • Third-party Integration Plans

Our Approach

Establish a Clean, Organized Foundation

Data that is Structured and Meaningful

Let’s pull back the curtain and show you the “secret”: the basis of good SEO and accessibility is structured content that is meaningful to browsers, screen readers, and search engines, as well as humans. 

Information that Scales

The world, your work, and the web are constantly changing. Information systems designed thoughtfully will scale gracefully and flexibly as your content and needs evolve. We use best practices, with an understanding of your long term needs, to draft site blueprints that can scale over time.