Ongoing Support

We offer packages for proactive monitoring and updates, and offer hourly enhancements and consulting to improve user experience, accessibility, and performance, as needed.

  • Drupal & WordPress Support
  • Proactive Monitoring & Updates
  • Enhancement Projects
  • Rescue Projects

Our Approach

Stewards of Your Codebase, Advocates for Your Goals

Attentive Support from Humans

Your website needs ongoing care and feeding, good stewardship, and enhancements as technology, organizations, and users’ needs evolve. We’re here to put our whole brains to work to help keep your site secure, updated, and meeting your needs. 

Consultative Support

Many support plans are focused on keeping the lights on and implementing feature requests with no questions asked. This runs the risk of creating franken-sites that evolve piecemeal, introducing technical debt and an inconsistent user experience. Instead, we approach improvements holistically, understanding the underlying need and developing solutions accordingly.

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