Content Strategy

Content is the heart of your website. What gets us up in the morning is easing some of the burden for folks who spend their workdays trying to make positive change. Clear web communications are an essential part of meeting your mission, so helping you get your content right is central to our work together.  

We ground content strategy work in our user research. Then, we  give you the training you need to write and create content that is accessible, powerful, and speaks to your audiences.

We also find that using real content in wireframes, design comps and prototypes ensures that what we build matches the ways you naturally communicate. 

Some common deliverables for this phase include:

  • Website Goals, Objectives, & Key Performance Indicators
  • Audience Groups & Personas
  • Core Content Model Workshop
  • Writing for the Web Workshop
  • Content Governance Plan
  • Content Style Guide

Our Approach

Content Drives Design & Development

Content is Paramount 

A design predicated on large, high-resolution photos won’t work if you can’t produce those assets. A homepage designed with a tagline 100 characters long will break if you consistently have more to say. We see this happen when lorem ipsum and stock photography stands in for your real content. We support you in drafting and sourcing content early so we can shape the design and development of the site to your needs.

Content Planning to Meet the Needs of Internal & External Users

We view every website as two sites: the public, user-facing site that must serve your audiences, as well as the admin site that your internal staff use to create and update content. Our research will inform the creation of intuitive navigation, content formats that speak to your audiences, and a back-end system that editors enjoy using.

Content Strategy for Accessibility & SEO

We will ensure your website is coded to be accessible to screen readers and optimized for search engines. But it’s your website’s content that largely determines how accessible and findable your site is. Our Writing for the Web training and other content strategy services equip you with the tools you need to make the most of your communications.

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